Monday, December 03, 2012


These two kindergarten quilts are now packed and will be on their way to NY in a hour or so as soon as the mobs at the PO die down.

 I heard that Martha Stewart put in an appearance at the show in Katonah on Saturday. I wonder what she would think about me dismembering a brand new top sheet from her best quality line (the white cloth) to make these two pieces? It's wonderful stuff, a micro fine twill is the best way I can describe it; super soft and weightier than sheets usually are. There's quite a bit more of it destined for the dyepot. And thanks to Melody for reminding me that I can dye indoors in the winter, I'll just have to pop my baggies into the warmed up oven.

Here are a few more pieces that went in the box on the way to several venues in the  Westchester/Fairfield vicinity over the next few weeks. Details when I know more.


Els said...

Lóve that white with the strong coloured blocks !!!
Ha, what fun "beasts" with the long skinny legs !

Judy Sall Fiber Art said...

The beasties are fabulous! And Martha would probably be just a little envious of what you can do with her sheets and some old tablecloths and napkins!

Anonymous said...

You are an angel. I suspect Martha Stewart would applaud such repurposing - so much of domestic creativity is just that, after all... and I love those guys in the last picture. They look a little extra-terrestrial to me.

Deb Lacativa said...

Dee, if I ever depict anything you can be sure it's something or someone ET or next worldly.

I'm quite sure that if MS ever paid my home/studio a visit she would drop dead.