Tuesday, December 04, 2012

regaining footing

I've been feeling like home-made shit lately so I thought I'd start the day right by getting on with this WIP. It's going to have more machine quilting but I wanted to get a proper back on it and found the perfect thing in the closet, where all of the perfect things lurk. This piece is going to figure prominently on the website update..it makes a real splash I think.

Later we went to Goodwill to see what was new and cheap. I grabbed up this cotton sweater for half price and will be experimenting with hacking it into bunnies or something with legs and ears and this very cool lunch box which never saw a sandwich, cookie or carrot stick and is now stuffed with trimmings from my lavender  bush and stinking up the joint wickedly. Feeling better already.


Joe Madl said...

lol! i always find making headway on something and treasure hunting in local thrift shops for something to hack up to bits makes me feel better!


Judy Martin said...

That quilt in your top image here is fantastic-able-gorgeous.

Be careful with that machine quilting!

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

this has nothing to do at all with
what you posted here, but today
i worked with a piece of that OH
total epiphany!!!! like TOTAL.
the SUN shone down upon the
weave of the cloth and i put my
needle IN in just a couple places and it was so incredibly RIGHT that i can't tell you.
I love you.