Sunday, December 09, 2012

taking b&w chances

Here's my little B&W test flight.  I think of stitching, either hand or machine, in two classes; construction stitches or decorative stitches. I'm working on ways of combining the two. Of course, there are no absolutes so there will be glimmers and edges of color throughout the series. My task will be to stay my mad color hand and keep those splashes small and unobtrusive. Even this golden smile is more than I wanted on a piece that's little more than a foot across but I couldn't bring myself to cut it even smaller.

I had even greater black and white inspiration yesterday. This 1950 Chevy was parked outside the grocery store. Stupefied by it's massive glory, I took pictures all the way around and hung around outside to meet it's owner. The laminated original bill of sale was hung in the rear window. $1402.00 plus 24.96 for the white walls. It has only 30K original miles and I told him that when he was through with it to give me a call but since the name on the bill of sale was a close female relative of his, I don't think he's going to be parting with it any time soon.

On of my first cars was a used '53 Chevy and there is nothing like piloting one of these cars in today's driving experience.


arlee said...

Karma is luminous

Deb Lacativa said...

thanks Chica..the real trick is going to be translating (not copying)
this vision into the scale that I want ....REAL big..I have a base piece that is 6x8 feet. I've reconciled with myself that what your are seeing here is only going to be seen at arms is to design the main event that will shine from across
the room.