Tuesday, June 18, 2013


I was watching a video of a ladybug who appeared to be playing with some tiny sugar sprinkles. At first it looked like a one-bug soccer game. Then it occurred to me that the poor bug was probably trying to eat the things, inappropriate as they were.

While I was getting ready to back and face the Creatives 
I started imagining that they were bored and hungry so I pitched some food/toys into the story.

I can almost hear the growling and the squeals.

(too much "Madmen" I think)


  1. You make the most incredible critters! They virtually come to life, they are so animated! I love 'em...

  2. LOL! Have you ever watched ladybugs eat aphids? They are like little vacuums. Love your critters! I saw an ad for new Monster's Inc. toys and thought of this cloth. Your critters have way more personality.


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