Thursday, June 13, 2013

summer patterns

The days fall into the comfortable rhythms of summer.

No matter how late I'm up, I try to get up early before it gets too hot out, and take advantage of the light in the studio for some hand stitching.

Some chores, some errands and then, it's pool time. I clean it, swim and then read until lunch, then I have to nap for an hour and then, the day job until one in the morning. There's lots of time for doing but precious little for thinking.

I had to forsake the studio this morning and spend two hours at the Honda dealership while they did something to the passenger side airbag so it wouldn't kill the passenger.

They  have a big fancy waiting room which was filled with people poking at and mesmerized by their devices or sitting stricken and slack jawed while the gizmos sucked juice from the outlets lining the walls.

I brought the river basket with me and starting working on the Creatives and, although the adults in the room eyeballed me like I was throwing the bones or some other form of voodoo, three little girls lined up very politely and quietly in front of me. No questions, just big eyes in faces full of wonder and giggles when I popped it out of the hoop to show them the whole thing. I have a nice project for this piece that I'm excited to move on asap.

There are lots of stars yet to be hung in the sky and the blue horse waits patiently.


Ms. said...

Love the description of the waiting room and the payoff of giggling girls...and I do hope that blue horse doesn't get lost in the rush of a new project because I like him/her/it. you are the busiest creative, you ARE!

Judy Sall Fiber Art said...

You may have planted some seeds in those little minds! I still have memories from my childhood of Grandmas and Great Grannie and their handwork... it never goes away!

Anonymous said...

funny scene - I can just picture those girls wide eyed and intrigued. Love the scale of the big blue horse!

Mary Ann said...

Corrupting youth with hand stitching!!! You go girl