Monday, June 03, 2013

star testing

After the storms passed last night I settled in for the season opener of  AMC's
"The Killing" followed by the latest episode of "Madmen". Over three hours I split my attention but conjured up these ideas for the stars I will be placing in/on the Firmament

I worked these on a table mopper stained from the last dye session but I know that they will do just as well against the blue/green/lavender.

It's a good thing that I enjoy freeforming with snips and hand building complex thread.

Based on the planned size of the finished piece, the final "host" of the firmament  could number fifty or sixty which will be worked directly on it.

"The Killing" did not disappoint but there may just be a KILLING over the commercials!

 Yesterday I put off reading an article in the NY Times about the resurrection of the show -I didn't want to run into any spoilers and I won't print any here.  The article had tasty bits about the actual writing of the story. Much to think about for my own writing.

I've self-identified as what's called a "spontaneous" writer. A scene here, a character sketch there adding up to a whole pile of (very) loosely related fragments. Picture a cow shitting it's way across a broad pasture, wandering, circling and stepping in it's old crap. It's become frustrating, pointless and messy.

I won't call it a plot but I need to make a map for myself with the things I like about a good story, well told.  A Start, a Middle and a Resolution - with plenty of wandering, woolgathering and time shifts and character exploration worked in along the way - just respecting those time honored markers in the long run.


arlee said...

Magical bits! Very flamey and nova-ish, loves em, loves em.

Vicky aka Stichr said...

i like the threads you are using with this too. your own dyed?

glad you didn't say much about The Killing, [or Mad Men,] i have yet to see it..some shows are better w/o grandchildren around ;)

{i gave in and bought some hand-dyed threads from an etsy seller, would rather buy from a small business than mess with it myself.}

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

These star Creatures...
each one, a world of its own

Julie Zaccone Stiller said...

I'm also that sort of writer! I have not watched The Killing, but maybe I'll give it a try over the summer.
I'm loving these star creatures, so interesting and full of life.