Saturday, June 15, 2013

one minute to next

I snipped those little test stars out of the base and set them in around the Creatives. They are now either food or toys. Looks like home; everyone is busy.

The summer rhythm is paying off.  I finished the top this morning but I want to face it with another piece of white cloth and then hand quilt it just to keep the layers in order, give it a little substance.

I am reading a couple of  "how-to" books about writing. Who am I to sneer or giggle at the thought of learning something from a book, even if the title is "This Year You Write Your Novel"  by Walter Mosley. More inspiration than instruction, I also return over and over to Anne Lamott and Stephen King. It helps to have your own personal rah-rah club when you are writing. Today I read one page, put it down and then wrote four pages of spectacle - spontaneous human combustion is rarely spontaneous. Four pages is a good day.


Nancy said...

LoveLove those little critters on white!
I've read part of S. King and really enjoyed it. I have this book, which I've half-heartedly started a few times. Maybe Jan 2014!

susan hemann said...

Just love your work. Go for it, write about what you know.

Doina Serban said...

As always, beautiful work :) I found this link and thought of you :) Hope you find something usefull or inspiring there. Meanwhile, all the best for you and your loved ones !