Wednesday, June 05, 2013

the Legal Anniversary

I cleaned and restocked my project basket and am settling in to put the stars in the sky, one at a time.

This is the second day that Jimmy and I celebrate our anniversary. This is the date that's on the books. We had the wedding June 4, 1977 at our house in Mohegan Lake, NY and the judge arrived late.

 Just before the ceremony he took us aside and told us that, once he found the address, he realized he was out of his jurisdiction but would conduct the wedding "for show" but that we had to report to the town hall in Yorktown the next morning at eight for the real deal. He was a handsome  devil but none of the female guests could convince him to stay for the party.

After throwing out the last guests well past midnight, we got a few hours rest, redressed in our tired and rumpled wedding finery and met the judge at the courthouse. He was wearing a baseball uniform, cleats and all, gave us the thirty second version of the wedding ceremony, with a pause advised Jimmy that he could still change his mind and then pronounced us legally wed.


Kit Lang said...

Ermmm... why did he only advise JIMMY that he could reconsider? lol

Deb Lacativa said...

LOL...Men in the 70's. and he probably saw the look on my face. I was so stunned to have made such a great catch, but then so was my husband.

Someday I'll write the "how we met" story; the opener is that I came home from work to find a naked man sleeping on my living room couch....

Wendy said...

well you can't leave it like that, now you have to tell us how he got to be naked, asleep and on your couch :)

Judy Sall Fiber Art said...

OMG!! What a fabulous story! Obviously, the double ceremony took, and I can't wait to hear the prequel!
BTW, I love the piece you are working on... beautiful!