Tuesday, January 19, 2021

distance learning redux

First thing this morning I had X-rays on my left hand and was given a big fat needle of cortisone and some other stuff in the tendon that is pulled so tight it has a knot in it. It will be a couple weeks before I know if this works. Day surgery is still on the table. Hopefully, by then, I'll have had a COVID vaccination.

Then it was off to Charlie's for distance learning again for the rest of this week. They say until enough staff comes off quarantine. 

The fun comes after classes are over. He's the brightest spot in my day. 


Liz A said...

we are back to distance learning support here, too ... I'm so glad our St Louis grands are in a private school that has been able to continue in-person instruction

Joanne S said...

The boys down the street have their own teacher and classroom in the finished basement of their house.. A substitute teacher working in a safe environment. And yes, both parents are professionals and can afford such luxury but both parents need quiet as THEY are also working from home. Zoom meetings etc.
What a world we now live in.

Nancy said...

These are such strange days. I hope the cortisone works. However, his smile could brighten the world! I remember when he was just a babe and you sharing him on Charlie Mondays :)
Love his heart with teeth!