Saturday, January 16, 2021

standstills, handholds and launches


Just clutching at stuff in the odd moment.  I stitch, then I cut away. Kind of aimless. Swirling. Still, something to hold on to when my mind needs a rest.

This reminds me of the Vigil cloth I did so many years ago for Jim. He's been very present in my thoughts lately. This time, I'm keeping vigil for my country.

I'm still editing my book. The manuscript feels like a plowed field in New England. Every time you turn around, new rocks come out of the furrows. A writer's best friend is an eagle-eyed proofreader. 

The cover designer has returned the first draft and I am joyously stupefied at how he's taken my flaky synopsis and turned it into ART. I wish I could show it but there is much marketing mumbo-jumbo about keeping covers on the down-low. I'm still learning this stuff, which is a lot harder than the actual writing.

If you want to be notified about the progress and when it will ultimately be available (Spring-ish?) email me and I promise to send no garbage. 

I found a small clutch of threads that should have gone into the store. I need some of these colors so the "misplacement" was surely a subconscious thing, Like an alligator lurking in the swamp.

And Happy News. A package that left Massachusetts mid December finally arrived!

The weary travelers, crafted by Dee Mallon,  will get tucked away in the Christmas box for next year. 

(I had to rescue them from Salem. She was going to lick them or eat them. I didn't wait to see which)


Nancy said...

It's good to have something to hold onto these days. Those lil critters are adorable.
I'd like to know when your book is ready :)

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

i am so Waiting....the book, your storytelling is going to
be so GRAND...i have no doubt it will FLY! Hoping for a
paper copy as soon as possible. This is so exciting, Deb..
spring is right around the corner
LOVE and Love and then so much more Love

Joanne S said...

11 and 12 are sitting here waiting- now that the holidays are past- I'll let you know when to start up again.
I was "involved" with christmas romances. But only in books.

deemallon said...

The book is really and truly about to be birthed and it is beyond exciting! PS glad the bears finally made it!

Liz A said...

love the lady bear's side-eyes!

and for sure I can't wait to read your book ... hopefully sooner than later

Hazel said...

How thrilling to see your book come to life! Please add me to the list. You are holding on beautifully, and love the rosy/orange thread.