Tuesday, January 12, 2021


 First thing this morning, I got my COVID test results back. NEGATIVE. So that's out of the way.  This county is in deep shit according to some counts. Now, I'll start beating the bushes for the vaccine.

Then some quality time writing and interacting with distant friends. Gnashing my teeth over the shitshow in DC and the rest of the country with some. Heart to aching heart with others. 

Then I sat down to watch a Christmas gift to myself, "The Eagles Live at the Forum."  The audio discs on my car stereo system have been underwhelming. I can't tell whether it's the production, the stereo system, or my hearing which is getting worse by the day. Last night at work, I could hear the callers through my dual headset but my own voice sounded deep underwater. 

Colin cued up the DVD for me on the system in the living room and the first song was "Seven Bridges Road".  I was quite overcome and had to stop watching. There were errands to run, a day to get on with.  More about that another time.


Liz A said...

how music can reach the deepest parts of us

Joanne S said...

Hey- my brother got his vaccine a few days ago from his primary care doctor. Lives in Alpharetta. Sister in law has appointment for hers next week. Brother also has appointment for Feb 8th to get 2nd Moderna dose. Seems Georgia has a glut of vaccine. Too much of it. Not enough people wanting a shot.

Here in Maine- we don't have enough vaccine.

Deb Lacativa said...

I'll call my primary care doc tomorrow. All the health department sites say they are booked. Thanks.

Hazel said...

That song came into my mind yesterday, listened to it over and over...beautifully sad. I hope that you've found a way to the vaccine, probably not till summer here.