Friday, January 01, 2021

The First


The barrage started around 11:30 and didn't let up until sometime after 1 a.m. . I guess the locals have been saving up their fireworks for a while, or their stimulus checks landed in the nick of time.

 The sad part is that there's never anything to see. They're all noise. Granted, the noises got bigger and louder as the evening wore on, but after midnight, I was well past caring.

I started this late in the day on the last day of 2020.  The new year dawned supremely shitty, weatherwise. Cold, rainy, dim. A perfect day to stay in pjs, stitch a bit, then some writing and gab via zoom. 

As fresh as the year is, I'm still waiting. A lot of people are. Waiting for test results. Waiting for the vaccine. Waiting for jobs, food. It's heartbreaking and appalling.

Waiting for the Georgia runoff election. Waiting to see what fresh hell oozes out of the White House. 

So, this. Something to hold onto while we wait.


Shasta Matova said...

I always have big plans to start the new year right, but after the fireworks and gunshots, I wake up groggy, and we had clouds and rain all day, so there was no hope on doing anything right. I do hope 2021 has better news in store for all of us.

Nancy said...

Okay, then. We shall wait together.