Thursday, January 21, 2021

rain song grace

Every once in a while my phone will deliver the perfect set of music for the moment. 

I didn't plan on taking a lot of time in the stitching chair today. Setting a timer for activities is a New Thing, but when Bailey stayed stretched across my lap for more than sixty seconds, I had to let sleeping cats lay.

I'd just finished working on a place in this piece that was annoying close to the point of coming under the scissors. Been pretty hasty with them recently. That expression "I'll cut a bitch" suits me perfectly. 

But today, the choosing of threads was more deliberate, the stitching slower. Contemplative rather than frantic. The passage smoothed out nicely. I wrapped up a few lines and knots careful not to disturb him while Led Zeppelin's "Rain Song" rolled out of the speaker like oil on troubled water. 


I sure don't own this and I'm deeply grateful they made it.



Mo Crow said...

(((Deb))) beautiful Bailey, stitching and an old favourite of a song
shine on!

Liz A said...

I love your french knots ...

Deb Lacativa said...

I've come up with a new way of making them that spares tension on my now mending left thumb.