Thursday, April 22, 2021


Charlie and I both had sore throats over the weekend. His was bad enough to stay home from school and have a doctor verify that it was not strep. "Just something viral going around" is not the comfort that it was back in the day.  Still, with coddling and cartoons, he's bounced back. Me, a step behind him.

In the midst of this, I was trying to finish up the three blurbs I need for the book, one for each Season. Imagine trying to sum up 300 pages in under 200 words. Advertising - that's all it is - is a mind game that will make you crazy. Now I know what Don Draper's problem really was.               

I stared at a blank page for four days just trying to come up with one or two sentences. When I gave up looking, the solution crept into a dream. I scribble a few words on the back of my voided stimulus check. I think I've got it. 

Then my laptop went belly up! Refusing to succumb to planned obsolescence, I dug in my heels, protected my files, and turned that balky bitch inside out. Delete this, copy that, and download a WTF while I'm at it. The damn thing actually reverted to Windows 7 from 10. Devils inside?  I fixed it, but I'll never trust it again. As soon as I have a real hour, I'm getting after the restoration of that Remington Model 1. 

Let's add a little more drama. We have MOLD downstairs. No shit! Doesn't everyone in Georgia have mold somewhere? The Mold Men will be here to suck it up on Monday. All this mess in service of an attempt at a mortgage refinance. Fun and games with numbers on paper. I'd rather eat dirt.

Today I managed to get a few more sets of thread up in the store and Fat Baggies are back.


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wordybird said...

loved my recent thread order- gorgeous as always. thank you for the bonus❤