Sunday, April 11, 2021

gardening madness


Here was my big excitement for the weekend. The garden place. I'm admiring my own restraint. No fooling around with any vegetables this year.  Only came away with a Carolina Jasmine and some moonflower seeds for the upcoming arbor. I'm thinking about some kind of mosquito netting and proper seating so I can spend more time out there. More about that in future posts.

I lost half an hour looking for a photo from the film "The Postman" - I'm a sucker for Kevin Costner - but couldn't find the one I wanted, where he comes riding by to snatch a letter out of a little boys hand.

 I would be only too happy to stand at the top of my driveway to hand off my letters and packages to someone trampling by on horseback. Tomorrow it will be me going to the post office. 

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wordybird said...

i'll have #20 if it's available.

roxanne reynolds