Monday, April 05, 2021

summer soon


Good things from small packages. The cat crew helped me find my missing address book by barfing in the small traveling stitching bag and knocking another basket over in the process. 

The mail brought small, tender wonders. 

There is so much going on right now that if I let it, my head would spin. Instead, I fix my eyes on the near future. Hyacinth vines and flowers overhead shivering with honeybees.

Years ago, Jim turned a 10x10 slab of concrete into a haven by building an arbor. These vines and others covered it, the blossoms hanging down. Roses climbed up the outside. All I had to do was give water and enjoy. 

I'll build a new one, sit under it, stitch and write. Like George Washington and his figs. 


Liz A said...

this cloth feels ancient ... with deep Meso-American roots

Nancy said...

Deb~ A place to sit sounds lovely. Your Jim was a real gem. I think of that often. (((hugs)))