Friday, April 23, 2021



I had a hard time photographing this one when it was dry. There's a green glow that the camera just doesn't pick up. Maybe it's my eyes.

I'll dig around for its provenance and original title, then repost pictures of it dry. 

It was on the floor in the closet. Seemed to be asking for action, so I tossed it in the washer. Warm water, a little detergent, gentle cycle. 

My only concern is that the gold had a trace of metallic in it but acrylic paint will outlive cockroaches. I'll know more when it's dry.

Found these pictures taken prior to shipping. My old Canon A95 was a gem when it came to getting colors right.  My cell phone, not so much, and I hate fiddling with filters. It feels like cheating.

Update. Seems like "Spill"  (56x43 2011), has done a little traveling. I should have kept better track of this stuff.

August 11 - September 10, 2011

An exhibition of the finest art quilts in Canada and the United States. This year the theme is "The Sea".

Opening Reception: Saturday, August 13, 3 - 5 pm, during the Lowell Quilt Festival.

Juror: Gerald Roy, Member, Executive Board, National Quilt Museum, Paducah, KY; Chair, Acquisitions Committee; Member, of National Advisory Board, Administrator, Quilt Appraisal Certification Program - American Quilters Society, Paducah, KY; Acquisitions Board: New England Quilt Museum, Lowell, MA.

Today, quilts are finally overcoming their old-fashioned reputation. Once perceived as blocklike, follow-the-rules fabric sandwiches, contemporary art quilts — with the emphasis on art — break the conventional code.

The quilt artist seeks to innovate by applying art principles and art experience from other areas like drawing, painting, and sculpting as well as working with the tactile richness of fabric and adding the textures of quilting stitches.

As defined by The Art Quilt Association, "The contemporary art quilt is an original exploration of a concept rather than a traditional pattern. It experiments with textile manipulation, color, texture, and a diversity of mixed media." 

The concept for this year's Art Quilts Lowell at the Brush Gallery in Lowell is The Sea and there is a remarkable breadth of interpretation and media by 31 artists from all over the US and Canada.


This Year's Artists

Betty Busby - NM
Victoria Carr - MA
Gerrie Congdon - OR
Lisa M. Corson - CT
Nancy Crasco - MA
Grace Errea - CA
Diane Franklin - MA
Sandy Gregg - MA
Carol Anne Grotrian - MA
Beverly Hertler - NJ
Rosemary Hoffenberg - MA
Lauren Horowitz - NY
Janice Jones - MA
Deborah Lacativa - GA
Susan Lenz - SC

Ingrid Lincoln - Manitoba
Valerie Maser-Flanagan - MA
Jeanelle McCall - TX
Lorie McCown - VA
Penny Prudden Myles - MA
Suzanne R. Neusner - NY
Gay Ousley - TX
Gladys A. Perkins - MA
Wen Redmond - NH
Susan M. Rouleau - SD
Norma Schlager - CT
Carolyn Spiegel - NY
Pamela A Stanton - MA
Carol Ann Waugh - CO
Diane Wright - CT


Liz A said...

it's whispering sunflowers to me ...

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

Acey's prompt today...6th Chakra
sunlight on water

Liz A said...

Spill was keeping some pretty fine company back in the day ... still is

Hazel said...

How exciting, congratulations!