Tuesday, April 06, 2021

Conjuring Dirty Thread- the Pixies


That's right! It's finally TIME!  The first 2021 dyefest on the Lawrenceville  Frankenstein Burning Dyedeck is underway.
(Not this lot. These are long gone. But you get the picture.) 

The blanks are in the magic sauce. There are 2 yards of fairy weight linen on the work table and that Ralph Lauren top sheet waiting to receive them as they get their Blessings.

If you have a color in mind, let me know. The colors won't fly until the sun grins over the yardarm. 

This batch of Dirty Threads named in honor of yet another unsung woman, Pamela Colman-Smith, also known as Pixie. She is responsible for the artwork on the Tarot that most are familiar with, my home deck, the Rider-Waite. 

Pixie may well find her way into my next novel.

Down in the kitchen making Walt & Jesse proud.


Hazel said...

Typing while jumping up and down in anticipation.

Liz A said...

Hazel - I know, right? I can never resist getting more ...