Saturday, April 13, 2024

A worky Saturday


The scrap basket is chock full!

The trouble is each time I dip into it, I sneak another piece of cloth into my stash. 

Charlie has discovered the funny pages and he is fascinated. Some of the strips are a bit obtuse for a nine-year-old but we read every single one. Talked about religions, meaning, sarcasm, and the sad fact that there were only six pages of funnies. 

Oddly, he particularly liked the ones that were part of a serial even though we came in on the middle of the story.  To be continued. I'm sure.

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Nancy said...

Oh how I loved the funnies...for Years!! I rarely get to them anymore, but my memories are fond. Certain ones I saved and I have a small collection that my mom had saved. In Jr. High, I saved all of the "Ziggys" and the "Love Is...". I kept them forever.
Love this boy of yours! he looks so dashing in his hat and glasses 🙂
Related but not, J. and I used to read the Sunday LA Times astrology each week. i can't think of his name, but he was well known. Anyway, we still joke about the amount of times that her wrote "Marriage looms large" for us Aries. lol