Monday, April 22, 2024

Fresh starts


The new chair is not ever going to be ass/back-friendly and I'm a little sad about it. On the very first test sit there was a statement. I leaned down and left to retrieve something from the floor and a cheaply mounted legs slowly folded under the chair. Glad to have not been spilled out with the embroidery scissors in my lap. 

So, for now, no more entire mornings given over to stitching or reading in the first light of day. The Birthday chair is downstairs and I'm going to give it a close look to see if there is something to be done to restore it. 

On the upside, I'm sitting in the old office chair typing this. Words will flow. Necessary admin stuff will happen. 


Nancy said...

Darn, I had high hopes for you and your new seating arrangements. 😟
We so understand the difficulty of comfortable seating. Makes one wish they were a cat and could curl up anywhere!
Take care

Liz A said...

my all-time most comfortable chair was a gag-awful $5 yard sale find ... lord it was ugly ... horrible scratchy cloth that was so thin you could see through to the stuffing that was also popping out of the arms ... a 60s blend of brown/gold/rust that recalled the worst kind of kitchen colors ... with wooden handrests and weird "wings" that anchored the upper cushion to the backs of the armrests ... but the wretched thing swiveled and creaked in time to my incessant rocking, and was high-backed enough to cradle my head as I fell asleep for the umpteenth time while nursing/napping my babies ... how many times did I consider getting it reupholstered, but who had money for such things? ... finally, I could no longer justify comfort over appearance and it was abandoned during one move or another ... I've never seen another like it ... damn

Nancy said...

Liz~ What a great chair story!! You reminded me of my "platform rocker", vintage 1981, from Ethan Allen. I t was not cheap, but I thought I'd have it an investment. I used it that same way as you did your...for years! One of my favorite things was when I had baby #2, it was wide enough for me and both of my 'babies' 🙂

Joanne S said...

I found a chair at a large Lawn Sale at a Retirement Place- I didn't think about it possibly the things left behind when someone died or went into a nursing home......My dad fixed the coiled spring and secured them with that webbing used in old upholstery. I just need to cut fabric from the patterns and then use those little round tacks you pound in with a hammer....that chair has been waiting for me in the Attic and is now covered n mouse poop. I will have to start over.