Sunday, April 14, 2024

Show me your Dirty Threads...

 ...and I'll show everyone what great taste you have. Send me pictures of your stash and I'll add them to this post.

                        I've given this post its own page - Thread Nests

Lori's Dirty Threads need their own zip code.

Jennifer's dirty threads

My monster lunchbox stash 

Hazel's horde of Dirty Threads 

Dee's Dirty Threads 

Tina's Dirty Threads nesting

Liz's so tidy Dirty Thread stash

Nancy's threads sneaking out.

Catherine's thread nest

Jude's thread nest

the Dirty Thread nest of Grace of the West

Here is Joann's disgustingly orderly hoard of Dirty Threads. 


Nancy said...

I'll be back tomorrow 🙂

Nancy said...

Aw, Deb...this is so fun! A little thread love party 🙂

Liz A said...

gives even more meaning to the community of thread lovers

Joanne S said...

This is so wonderful!!!!!! You bring such colorful JOY into our homes!!!!!

Hazel said...

To my dearest Dealer,
You make the prettiest drugs, thank you.
Yours, H.

Jen NyBlom said...

Lovin' it!
Fun to see the personalities of everyone's stash!