Friday, October 26, 2012

the Pomodoro technique

When I read Robert Genn's newsletter this morning I realized that I have been doing my own version of the Pomodoro time management technique all week, without the windup tomato time.

The studio has been in turmoil as I am finally getting proper shelves set into the closet. Everything that was stacked so precariously  (and impractically) in the closet is piled all over the studio with barely a footpath for my Goodman to work.  It will be finished today!

My own dayjob has had me on early starts all week leaving precious little time for anything else. The weather has been glorious all week so I have been grabbing the River basket and skipping out with this piece to the park. I make camp at a picnic table by the pond and, with no phone calls, no music, no books on Ipod, no TV in the background - just focusing on stitching for a full hour. Why does that small chunk of time seem so remarkable?  When did I let my day get eaten up by stuff that doesn't pay off??

This mornings precious free time is going to a quick  and dirty dye session - today the temps are supposed to scratch at 78 but will plunge to the low sixties tomorrow. This is really it and I want it for my own.


  1. I saw the Pomodoro entry too, but my timer is a handful of cut threads--when they run out i switch to something else. Alas, stitching in *our* yard is only the bird tracks through the snow right now, lucky you :)

  2. Hah! I have to use my kitchen timer to remind me when I have to wake my hubby, an inveterate late-sleeper. If I don't use the timer, I completely forget him! Picture glazed eyes, focused on the screen in front of me, browsing my fave addiction - other blogs! You got it...
    Enjoy that warm dye weather and park time! It's getting pretty nippy up here in the High Country...


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