Saturday, October 27, 2012

fiber frenzy

The reason behind this frenzy of organizational activity, you ask? Aside from not being able to turn around or find anything, A gift! A boon!
A box arrived the other day with 33 pounds of fibrous glory inside - a trove of premium commercial cotton prints from my dear St.A.

She buys the cloth for the love of it and commands me to be creative...mission accepted my friend!

I hardly know where to start but the beautiful collections from Japan are already set aside  in the "do not touch...yet" pile and you know I'll have to start pulling the strings on those little bundles of batik fat quarters just to see what I have been missing.

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Vicky aka Stichr said...

deb...can i please 'pin it' a couple of pix of yours? the vinyl wallpaper genius idea and the picture of the fabrics in this post?? pinterest needs so new ideas....