Tuesday, October 16, 2012

a good days work

I got this one finished by midmorning and gave it a hot water machine thrash and dry  to test the fleece as batting. Very nice result..it has that "been loved and dragged around lots" look to it. Packing it off to Kara tomorrow. Thre are sixteen more blocks waiting to be organized.

Late morning I got outside on the dyedeck to soak up some vitamin D...the sun was blazing but the air was cool and dry..a rare day in Georgia. I was out there so long a group of vultures were circling overhead.

The pool is well on it's way to swampland..these colors are just a little bit lurid. My camera has a "foliage" setting but I wonder on what planet?


Bonnie said...

Vultures and foliage. You gave me some chuckles today. Thanks!

Ms. said...

I'd say a really fine days work, and vultures are nothing to laugh at...but the reason the pool got florescent like that is because of the chlorine I think.

Deb Lacativa said...

Nah...it really wasn't that green, that's a garish setting on the camera. We stopped adding what little chlorine we use a month ago. It's quite pond water by now and will be black with decayed leaves by spring time...I think I'm going to look for some catfish to put in there..

Nancy said...

Deb~ I really love that top quilt. The colors are grand!
Circling vultures = no joke. My boyfriend and I once climbed a big hill...once up there, we discovered we were in the turkey vulture's territory, as they circled just several feet above our heads!! haha...I couldn't get down the hill fast enough! Enjoy your deck time :)

Judy Sall Fiber Art said...

We had 3 Turkey Vultures perching in our yard about a month ago... not a pretty sight! As for the days work, I love the quilt! My colors for sure! And I love that you broke it in... kind of like rolling in the dirt in new levis to get the 'store-bought' look out of 'em!

Vicky aka Stichr said...

I think Mars would have pond water that bright, to contrast with the red.

What other fish could you add? Or maybe a couple of ducks to nibble on the floating stuff?

The purple is perfect, I will show my GD all the circles you made. I think she will like the hand you have been working on too. Is the blue a damask? I never knew what joy it is to work on that kind of fabric until I got some from you!!