Monday, October 15, 2012

birthday doings

Great doings for my birthday! Jimmy took me out for a birthday lunch on Saturday so I could spend all day Sunday torturing cloth with Elizabeth Barton at her studio.

Using up our leftover dyes in this way has become an annual event which I wouldn't miss.

Here she is at the magic dye isolation chamber, measuring and mixing dye powder while keeping all of our lungs intact and functioning. Her experiments for the day where about comparing two different yellows from Prochem and included weighing the dye powder and cloth with an electronic scale in an actual stab at following the dye manufacturer's instructions. Lo and behold...they were not just making those inserts up. See her results! 

From the other side of the brain, I was direct dye painting on cloth that already had soy wax applied but no soda ash. That didn't happen until this morning. Don't get too excited - you know how jazzy wet dye can dissappoint especially when it's several months old and has not been stored under optimal conditions. Everything is in the washing machine right pictures until they are dry and ironed.


arlee said...

ooo, looks like an explosion on your cloth--hoofies crossed, but i bet even palewashed out it's gonna be dynamite

Ms. said...

This is exciting/////and a very belated happy birthday to you Deb!

Judy Sall Fiber Art said...

I love days like that, where you're just throwing the dyes on to see what comes of it. I have a fridge full of dyes of various ages, and a bolt of muslin just waiting, but I need to get some product finished for my next show. Don't know if I'll get any dyes used up in the meantime! Hope you had a wonderful Birthday!