Sunday, October 28, 2012

fall for real

I just brought all my houseplants in from the deck where they have been flourishing all summer. There's no freeze in the works but why risk it. It's cold, windy and damp for the first time in memory -  a perfect day to spend curled up in the chair stitching with good company and a fun movie on. I'm staying with the challenge of combining hand and machine stitching on this large piece. 

Yesterday I finished off a single sized batting but a pieced top backed with an old flannel blanket. Once it was done I realized that it looked like an old flannel blanket back there so I put the whole thing into the washer with some navy/intense/boysenberry dye, let it stew til cold and then soda ash into the second go round..that's it folded up on the the background, bits and pieces for another pieced top, gathering forces.

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Els said...

Ooooh it's really b i g what you're working on ....!
Ha, all of it in the washer with some dye ... I wish I had the guts sometimes to do something like that ;-)