Sunday, November 14, 2010

old computers must die

...someday, but not today.

 But the warning bells sounded last night. Right in the middle of a nice session of Lexulous, a grunting clank issued from the box and a strange Blue Screen of Death popped up with a dire message about the Nature of the Soul or some such gibberish about the inner workings, both hard and soft, of this computer that I have been abusing since early 2005. 

The fan goes through spells of making sounds like a coffee grinder or guinea pig sex. The heat that comes off this machine makes this corner of the room cozy on a chilly morning.

After a night's rest for both of us, I powered it back up this morning, tinkered with the OS a bit and was able to restore to a few days back but time is running out on this one I fear. The errors are too widespread and diverse for it to be other than a impending motherboard  implosion.


jude said...

oh yes. so familiar.

jude said...

oops, that was me.

Anonymous said...

we too had lots of problems recently.

ten years old, and could be rebuilt no more.

we bought a new cpu and kept all the rest. heres to better luck for you.

Laura said...

I have my daughter's old dell laptop from when she was in college--I had some trouble with it, and took it to work for some IT guy to look at it. It also heated up my whole room when it was running, my cat definitely liked to sleep on the keyboard. Turns out the fan was being choked off by a combination of cat hair, dog hair, and dust. Your computer might just need a cleaning.

Robbie said...

Shades of a few years ago with our laptop are coming to mind!! Good luck!!

Judy Sall Fiber Art said...

Got your files backed up? Which reminds me, I got some cans of computer duster... someday, I should probably try to clean the fur-balls and dust bunnies out of the computer casing... ;->

susan said...

i can totally relate. i've had mine in the shop twice in the past six months. i keep hoping it will continue to chug along. i am staying in austin, got her the 17th, will get back to the UP dec. 1st. one bright note, mary gave me her old lap top...what im using right now. it is a bit diff than a reg pc but it works! it uses xp. i need to keep it plugged in. i might have to replace the battery but a small price to pay instead of having to buy a new pc. i will continue to use me old one and keep this one upstairs.
i really like the quilt you took to the park and also the one on page titled slog or something like that. keep up the good works. susan