Wednesday, June 12, 2024

East & West


Late in the day, the sun goes down beyond the pool and light floods the master bedroom.

I drag a chair over by the sliding door and work the needle until the sun falls below the tree line. 

The window of time? 45 minutes? Less if it's the least bit cloudy.

It goes as quick and sweet as a bowl of ice cream.

What's your sweet treat? 


Joanne S said...

I am thinking.....what could I possibly find to do for 45 minutes.....that I loved doing.
Nothing is popping into mind as yet but I have the entire day to consider this question.
I do know the POOL always sounds in Maine the water would get SO COLD overnight

Nancy said...

We HAVE had ice cream this week...after finishing our portions, we both say it is not enough! No matter how big the portions, ice cream is that good!
As far as 45 min? (book or online), draw, stitch or weave, walk at the bridge, laugh at old movies w/ J. and then some...

Deb Lacativa said...

I don't have it too often. A pint of Talenti will last me four servings however long that might be. I'm partial to coffee-flavored ice cream. A NY thing, I guess. Hard to find in Georgia. Those empty spaces in the coolers, letting me know I'm not alone.