Friday, June 14, 2024

Full tilt hedonism.


Taking the waters after a quick overnight in the county and a challenge that reminded me that I can OM and O-SHUN with the best of them. Shit, I can practically levitate.

Water, 80 degrees. Sun, straight over the yardarm. I have a funky incense to run off any mosquitos. We grew a huge herd of amphibians this spring, the mosquitos wait until dinnertime for the most part. 

The little wireless speaker and my phone, fully charged. Some lemon LaCroix. Four strawberries, round as golf balls. Two chocolate chip cookies stuck together with cream cheese frosting. frozen. 

The floatie, filled and ready.  

A nice basting with Coppertone, spf15  cause I don't want to scorch. Nothing in the world spins me back to all summers the way that fragrance does. Every time I open the bottle I hear the Beach Boys and the Ronnettes.

In a bit, there will be some shrimp scampi over fettuccini. 


Getting ready for the last day of day camp, for a bit. 

Last night, we spent some time drawing and watching The Snowman. I was tasked with drawing a company mascot and naming the company. Monday we are going to invent Red Wolf Root Beer. There will be strawberry ice cream, muddled fresh strawberries, and root beer, of course.  C tells me this label will reel the Hipsters right in. 

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Nancy said...

Oh 80 degrees almost sounds inviting to me!! Chlorine triggers my asthma, so I'm not a pool gal like you, but I do remember and agree about the scent of Coppertone! We were just talking about other childhood scents (and candies!) like Bactine and Calamine Lotion 😁 And yes, the Beach Boys and Summer...we were just talking about that too. haha We're on the same block of memory lane!
Love The Snowman! Love the mascot and company name and the human that is your grandson. He comes up with the best lines.