Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Hearts & Bones

He misses camp. It's a delight to know he builds camaraderie wherever he finds himself. 

There will be two more weeks of it in July and then another spell of time with me. I will have to come up with some better entertainment.

I fished some scraps out of the stitching bag and tried to make something happen. Rolled up for now, maybe another day while I wait at the math tutoring.

There is an ice cream place on the way home from Mathnasium. Delicious ice cream comes with Spanish lessons and some raucous Latin country music (I think).


Madam Salem had much to express about my absence. I know their needs are met while I'm away, except for mama love.
She came to us with a deep-seated fear of men. She's no longer afraid of Colin anymore but he's no source of comfort for her. She's a one-woman cat.

When I got home last night and settled in bed, she chased Bailey and Camilla away from me then rebuked me with mewling growls and skin-sanding licking before she settled in beside me. 

I put on the documentary "In Restless Dreams" for background while I got caught up with admin stuff, but as on the first watch, I sat mesmerized between the music and his words. If you like Paul Simon, this distillation of his career is magical. 

Belly-full of reheated meatball & green pepper pizza, it was an almost perfect evening.

Now, so late in life and his career, the documentary explores his struggle with hearing loss. How an artist addresses the loss of one of his most important tools. 
Apropos of that, whenever his music was featured, (which was often and beautifully rendered unlike some music docs)  beautifully readable hand-lettered lyrics floated across the screen like angles helping me see the words I only thought I'd heard all these years. 

As writers, we both sometimes take leaps of thought that leave some readers/listeners in the dust. 
Painting with words. 


I'm not ready
I'm just packing my gear
My hand's steady
My mind is still clear

I hear the ghost songs I own
Jumpin', jivin' and moanin'
Through a heartbroken microphone

Life is a meteor
Let your eyes roam
Heaven is beautiful
It's almost like home
Children! get ready
It's time to come home

I want to
Believe in
A dreamless transition

I don't want
To be near
My dark intuition


Nancy said...

Thank goodness you two have the pool to enjoy!
Isn't it funny when you see the words in print, you suddenly realize all that you've missed?! Yet, somehow you have gotten the gist of the song all along anyway!

Cj said...

Those eyes! Summertime fun, so much more richer with kiddos hanging with ya. My youngest grandson at his last week of summer camp and he was really choked up I guess. He starts college this year. But I'm reminded of the campouts when young so long ago, they truly were the best ever. Music, life, those words,can make time sweeter!

ravenandsparrow said...

I, too, really enjoyed the Paul Simon documentary. He has had one of those deep, rich careers that keep evolving and turning up new soil. Nostalgia now colors his older music for me, but all of it is poetry and doesn't grow old.