Monday, May 28, 2012

b&w tribute

It's much too soon but eventually I will challenge heart and soul to work in black and white.

Karma was an endlessly fascinating photographic subject. Her rich lack of colors on both ends of the spectrum, the length of her silky coat and flexible laziness made it appear that her markings actually changed from day to day. Some kind of cat magic.

Some days she appeared more white than black, other days, the other way around.

I don't think I have cloth black enough.


  1. beautiful memories. black and white tribute would look amazing.

  2. Beautiful kitty. These are the hard days.

  3. i love how cats can become one with their space....

  4. Oh bless her.....maybe you could streak the black fabric with ink or black dye? To give it the magical coloration mix? or indeed finer, shades of grey to white streaks?

  5. Oh she was such an exquisitely beautiful creature! I think you're wanting to do a piece about her is the right direction to move toward, but I have no advice about true black. your love will lead you to what you need.

  6. I have had luck using Dharma's New Black and Better Black combined... 4 times the normal amount of dye, though to get that deep rich black. She was a beauty, and it would be lovely to have a commemorative piece to honor her.

  7. So sad to lose such a beauty. Give it time, she will return to you in your work.


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