Thursday, May 17, 2012


This piece was machine appliqued back when I was still enthralled by a bizarre array of commercial cotton prints and just breaking in the Janome 6500.

 It also has some hand stitching and a signature! One has to wonder what one was thinking. Possessed by Aliens? Most likely.

Now it's a nice little go bag. About 14"x12" with a trixie little inner pocket for a cell phone and a pen or two. Not heavy weight for toting canned goods but easily a book or a nook, wallet, keys and your Groucho disguise.

This is fun and it will get easier as I wade through that stack of slackers.

Oh did you want it? Check the store...


  1. quilt???---- :) Bag? Awesome.

  2. the single most practical use for less than successful art quilts..unless you have enough little 'uns to sew into a biggun. Everybody is toting these days. Make 'em gorgeous!

  3. wow--so intensely gorgeous and useful!


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