Monday, November 09, 2009

It never ceases to amaze me how this can turn into this:

Somehow I have to keep these together. It will be hard. They are mostly table napkins, some monogrammed and embroided, ranging from a childish 12"x12" to a queenly 20"x20".


Harmony Hopes Studio said...

So with lunch, I would like to use a royal purple. I'll try not to get grease marks on it. By the way, what are you serving for lunch.

arlee said...


Karoda said...

ooooo, ahhhhh, and ooooo again...the colour saturation pops!

Leslie said...


Jacky said...

It is amazing...I am going to try some of this dyeing in the jars. Your colours are gorgeous (are they natural dyes?)
Thanks to you and Jude Hill for so much inspiration (was just over visiting Judes blog and clicked on your link).