Friday, November 13, 2009

There has been no news about Jinx


  1. :( so sorry Sweetie

  2. Well, thanks for telling us. I was wondering if you alerted people who walk around, like mailmen, children going to school or playing in the neighborhood, or who drive around frequently, like UPS guys and gals. They might keep a watch out for her. But, it does seem ominous. I hate not knowing...

  3. i was wondering... am so sorry - it's the most awful thing when a beloved companion just disappears. and not knowing just chews you up - you can't quite give up hope but can't lay it to rest either.
    big hugs from someone who knows the feeling

  4. We had a cat go off into the world. He stayed away for about two weeks and returned.

  5. Not to give you false hope but I had one run off and I presumed that she was surely gone - only to have her return a little the worse for wear but basically fine - a month later.
    Prayers for Jinx.

  6. Patty Ashworth8:42 AM

    There is a cat living in our neighborhood now for 2 years. Just showed up one day and everyone is taking care of the little love. So someone will look after your sweetie! It's not the same as having it at home, but cats manage to land on their feet with the help of friends!

  7. Thanks to everyone who has responded with compassion, understanding and positive experiences. Without a body to bury, hope is like the sunrise and sunset.

    It's a small neighborhood backed by a woods and a creek. We have several neighborhood (blessed) busy bodies and pet lovers always prowling. Good dog neighbors always walking their leashed pets. Signs are still up. Life goes on too.


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