Tuesday, November 17, 2009

the Wheel

Just came from Gerdiary and it's fun to see someone who seems to be rolling along the same art rails with me at this point in time.  Using whatever is at hand to make some kind of sense of things with needle, thread and a stretch of quiet time.

The ground for this one is a piece of what I think is linen but I could be wrong. Maybe I'll snatch a thread off it and set it on fire, see what happens.

Here's a closer look

I have been thinking about the pros and cons of stitching words into this piece - all that white space is nagging me to do something about it but I'm resisting the urge for the same reasons that I don't like to write artist statements about a specific piece. I don't want to tell people what to think and don't think my own thoughts should be relevant to the observer's experience. I'd love to hear from other artists who use the stitched words in their work. It seems to be a very sharp two-edged sword.


  1. I truly, truly love this! It is whimsical as well as rich in color and texture and mystery. I like the ground and the sense that something is hiding underneath the top layer.

    I think there is something to be said for letting the observer have their own thoughts on a piece without description or interference. I think we all come to art with our own ideas and feelings and how unique and special these various interpretations can be.

  2. I have put words in a piece of art before...but I think I made the piece to put words in. I don't normally like collages with words as it plants thought before the picture has given meaning. But then again I have seen collages and wondered at the relationship the pictures had to one another...a word might have made the piece more 'readable'.

    On the other hand some are very skillful in being able to convey the meaning before the "thought" can be read. I am thinking a Howard Finster and his folk art. His words become part of the art.

    It might be interesting if you could put this in a photo shop and put the words that you wanted on the piece and see how you like it. Does it change it's meaning for you in a good way. Does it add or subtract?

    I think your piece says something and words steer the mind of the viewer. It is part of the conversation. It is nice to have some small talk but it can also be more courageous to say something that could be judged wrong. To step out of your comfort zone.

    Sometimes when I have said something on fabric I felt a little more exposed and also like someone could misread this...Where as if you don't put any words on there they just can read it in their own voice.

    So not using words I would say is "Safe".

    Just my opinion right now...I may change it later. And I probably used to many words. lol

  3. To me, words make it more a poster than art. I vote, no words. Some ambling, meandering, floating stitches, like the images is what I'd consider. But, it's your piece.

  4. Lovely--like colorful, floating ink spots. I've fallen in love with pieces with words and without--just depends on the piece, although I think if they have words, they are best when dreamy and ambiguous.

  5. deb, i don't stitch words as much as i write them on cloth...but mainly i use writing as marks and not necessarily to be read linguistically. the way you've suggested is that you'd only stitch the words not because you want them but because you don't want all the white space...sit with it a little longer and then decide.

  6. I just visited Gerdiary. It's now bookmarked among my favorites.

  7. Anonymous5:03 AM

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  8. i like stitched words. i like how the texture of the word changes when it is stitched. i like it when it is your own words and not a quote. i don't like it when it is text printed on a computer. everyone is doing that. i think it is fine to put your words in. less ambiguous. if the looker has something to add, give them a thread and needle.

  9. Hello, + thanks for mentioning my little saturday night pastime... they seem to be relatives indeed, yours is very interesting + funny... I like including stitched words - often I create a piece around a line from a book or a song - so the text doesn´t aim to explain the piece, it´s an organic part of it...


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