Sunday, November 29, 2009

no heart for art

Somedays the art the you start will not pick you up and carry you along if your heart is not in the making. Neither of these things went any further than this but elements of both have been rescued and repurposed into something else, something that may just sail away without me.

Too soon to tell. No photos as yet.

On the sunny side of my mental street, my neighbor (who is moving) asked if I knew anyone who could adopt her son's adult cat - he was also moving away and could not take the two year old Novi with him.  It just so happens that I did know someone who lost all three of her long time family pets within the last two years.

                            Novi moves on and Jan, Christian and Ryan were ready


arlee said...

sometime that art just takes on its own life, like our children, and grows into itself

Harmony Hopes Studio said...

Just what the Doctor ordered.
Sweet ginger cat. Happy settling.

jude said...

that happens to most of what i make.
a cat can be a present. yes.

Jan K said...

Ok, that is a terrible photo of me, just returned from trip & then there was the whole fridge breakdown & working on taxes all weekend... but the SMILES are real, I'm going to dig up a photo of Milo and post it-Novi has a similar laid-back personality, fits in beautifully with our family! So glad this could work out for all...