Thursday, November 05, 2009

passing time (on the left)

The internet provides endless opportunities for inspiration, solace and plain 'ole passing time. Equal measures for all.                                        Elizabeth Barton continues to kick my ass at Lexulous, (far more insidious than crack) even as she opens a solo show!
Visiting friendly old blogs and a few new places feels like being driven through interesting countryside like a recovering gork. Take a peek in on theWorstHorse,  come to from Whiskey River, and a very illuminating and thought provoking post here. Even the comments are important.        

In the studio, two new avenues of idea and action. Above, a large piece developing with the intent of mounting it to a canvas.  On the left, a new piece of hand music giving thought to an empty space in my life right now.


arlee said...

These are both so quiet time. I like the rocky granular effect. They almost look as if peering through ice, glass, a mist.

jude said...

dots as points of light

lisette said...

the one on the right looks sand blasted - i just want to reach out and pat it!

thanks so much for the link to joanne mattera's blog - that post summed up what i'm feeling at the moment - if you say you make art quilts people think of piecing and applique and if you submit work to quilt shows you get quilt policed! i'm now looking at exhibitions and competitions that are advertised in the art magazines that say open to all media and trying to push that boundary a bit.

i make what i make because i love to play with colour and texture whether it's silk, canvas, linen, wool, ink, paint, copper wire or pigment powder - i make stuff that pleases me :)

Melly Testa said...

Yummy new works. Yummy. Can I say it again? Love the yellow dots in Hand music.

Karoda said...

one of these days i'm going to be brave enough to click on the lexulous invite you sent...but i just don't need another reason to be online, ya know!?

digging the first image quite a bit!