Thursday, October 18, 2012

out of the loop

I was out and about yesterday re-celebrating my birthday with my buddy Janice. We scared them at I-Hop, pillaged the 50% off goods at the Salvation Army (great cloth scores!) and then caught a mid day showing of "Looper" - my idea of a great day on the town!

It's not often that I am lost for words when it comes to a film. I like this one so much that I need to see it again.

Going to the movies in the middle of the day has a way of taking me out of time.

This morning I pulled a box out of the closet and packed it off to NY. Most of the pieces were from 2005. It's weird to think they've never been in public before. I wish them luck.
Leaking Transom


Nancy said...

"Annulus" is gorgeous :) Good luck to your out of the closet pieces :)

Ms. said...

annlus--a ring-shaped object, structure, or region--had to look it up! But leaking transom I got right away! Glad you had an afternoon of fun!

Judy Martin said...

What's happening in NEW YORK?