Saturday, October 06, 2012

saturday chores

I'm putting the rest of the dye equipment away for the season. The poly blankets are rinsed clean and dry. I can't bring myself to throw away this ironstone platter and will try one more time to mend it somehow. It's so big and heavy and the break so unbalanced that, so far, no glue has been strong enough. I'm willing to go the duct tape route if I can find white. It's been a good, useful friend.
I took the current utility quilt outside to see just how many chips I'd made and what the overall size would be.  Enought by far!

Now the trick is to sash them up and/or whack away with the rotary cutter until they are all the same dimensions.  Then comes the layout to please the eye and finally, the sandwiching and machine quilting. I am fresh out of purple!


Nancy said...

Love these colors! It looks great, thus far :)

Heather said...

For the platter: have you tried 5 minute epoxy. The kind you mix from 2 tubes? That's what I use and as long as you can hold it in place long enough for it to cure it works great.
And the quilt is so vibrant and wonderful, and creates the opportunity to stock up on more purple! I love the glowing centre squares, very celestial.

Vicky aka Stichr said...

Jolly Joker Pansy...that's what the colors in the quilt remind me of...would it be alright to save an image for my own desktop??

[my 4 yo granddaughter and i are exploring circles, as a way to work on pencil holding skills, which her pc skills aren't helping, and you have lots of circles here!]

Yes, there is white duct tape.

Jeannie said...

I love your quilt! It makes me happy. I bundled up the dye studio this weekend. I will miss being outside playing with color, but I will miss the warm sunshine the most. San Diego is sounding better everyday that I wake up to below freezing temps.
A way I have mended pottery is to get a special drill at the hardware store. (I think it is for ceramic or tile.) Drill little holes (1/8") on each side of the break in 4/5 places. Then run a heavy wire through the holes to act like a staple. Before you tighten up the wire, put epoxy or Gorilla Glue like you would for plain glueing. The wire adds structural strength and integrity to the glueing. That is how they mended pottery in the "old" days.