Sunday, November 15, 2009

the Wheel turns

I brought a new base to work with me only to discover that I forgot to bring any scraps to compose with so I started pulling raggedy chunks off my Go Bag. I've been dragging it around for a couple of years now and it's getting pretty seedy. There were fluttery little things hanging all off of it. Now they are being incorporated into a new hand stitched piece loosely based on the  Wheel of Fortune tarot card 

Thanks for all the lovely comments about the pieces in the previous post. This one was part of a short lived creature frenzy that I went through late in 2008 
back when I had more free time. All of these were done on the machine in a very fast, improvisational manner. Right now, the studio is a kind of sad place for me - I don't spend all that much time there. Just digging through piles of things as I look for materials to take with me on the go. The Wheel will turn.


Tangled Stitch said...

I had a similar experience with the studio. Luckily they pass as quickly as they come. Beautiful bag and I love the little pieces on the white fabric.

Robin Olsen said...

I love the raggedy chunks on your Go Bag. Can't wait to see what they evolve into.

jude said...

raggedy chunks , such a good symbol for just about everything in life. nice.