Sunday, September 23, 2012

sweet sunday

this is where the fun begins. shuffling, pinning, cutting, moving, flipping, switching, unpinning, rooting about, more cutting....keep repeating until it moves from a whisper to a shout. I'm taking this one down from the wall for some preliminary basting and possibly more discharging later on. It's a beautiful day so I think I'll take it and my wet hair to the park for some fresh perspective, air and sunshine.

Yesterday Jim and Colin fixed my dryer which had gone from tepid to stone cold. Now I could toss potatoes in there and make steaming mashed! Hallelujah laundry!  Did I tell you I'm easily amused?
There's a  Braves game on at 1 and my GoodMan is doesn't get any better than that!  Very shortly the house will smell (wonderfully) like a cantina - Jim is warming up for the annual chili cookoff next weekend.

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