Monday, September 03, 2012

my kind of labor day

Colin is back from DragonCon and we are relieved that his car wasn't towed, booted or ticketed.  I'm also happy my Canon Elph made it home with him. I love my Big Canons, but for quick and dirty shots in the studio, this little bugger is my go-to tool.


I spent most of yesterday and all of this morning convincing "Consolation" (stitch by endless stitch) that it would be in it's best interest to lay flat, have no pooches and generally act like art.

That mission accomplished, I took a deep breath and machine pillow-faced it with a damask backing trusting that the soft cloth would wrap nicely around the tattered linen edges of this piece. At first I was worried that it would lose it's "wildness", but now that it's done I can see that those hairy edges were a messy distraction and the facing was a good choice.

There's a sleeve pinned in place that I'll nail that down after dinner. And Medlen just pitched an entire game for the Braves, beating the Rockies 6-1!

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