Thursday, September 06, 2012

backsides continued

See what I mean?
I have moved her from one quadrant to the next as I work. All the cats have been upset over something lately. Sweetie is within arms length of me where ever I am and will shadow Jimmy if I'm not around. Voodoo has been destructive to get extra attention and Juice is spending more and more time in the kitchen instead of out in the weeds. Earthquake? Tornadoes?

 Oh, that title?  "Jazz Takes Over"


Ms. said...

I miss having critters (especially cats) to alert me to what I can not see...let's hope it's not a weather disaster, perhaps only a communal mood being picked up by those super sensitive life mates.

Jeannie said...

I have been wondering the same about our 3. They are sticking to us like glue (not fun when it is over 90 and they are shedding!) and clingy to the point of irritating. Perhaps the kitty channel carried the conventions instead of Bird World? Love the title! Have a beautiful weekend, Deb.