Saturday, September 01, 2012

treading water

I've been MIA here for a few days and with not a whole lot to show for it. We had almost a week of crappy, rainy weather and I feel like I've lost the best part of the swimming season - a big deal for me because it is the only physical exercise that I get and for me, time spent in the water is as much restorative for the soul as it is for the body. I did get in the pool today and got ahead of the falling leaves with the net..the water is still warm and clean and the sun was strong enough to chase the chill of the breeze. Feeling much better now and can face another Shift of Fools (I have to work the day job this weekend).

I think I've solved a knotty presentation problem with a piece I'm preparing to enter in Quilt National. The piece is large with several layers of cloth and completely hand stitched – a recipe for a Bitch to Hang -which would be a provocative name for anything else that I undertake with this same combination of materials and methods. You read it here first...”A Bitch to Hang”. Another six or eight hours of stitching and fiddling on a sleeve and it will be ready to photograph.

My show at Phoenix & Dragon comes down next week and I plan on taking these giant bad boys with me. While Colin is taking down the show, I will put these up on the spacious wall and hopefully get some quality shots. Three birds with one trip across the metro Atlanta top end..otherwise known as the race track from Ben Hur. Now all I have to do is get them completed.

Oh...the prizes are in the mail, Dazzle is on a camel bound for Australia (two weeks the PO told me!) and there is a basket of beautiful cloth under the work table that has been whispering to me "come, sit down and play. leave off with that deadline crap. who cares anyway" 


Anonymous said...

Good idea about getting your photos done. Good luck with QN entries.

Jeannie said...

I love the working title! I have fabric calling me to quit with the chores and make them indigo blue. I will give into cloth pressure, gladly. ;) We are having gorgeous weather - mid 80-95, cool evenings, and sunshine. The benefit of living in the desert. Now if it would stay like that until next April, I'd be a happy girl. Swimming is such a good form of exercise. There is something about water that I find calming. Wishing you a sunny and color filled week. (Watch out for the crazy chariot drivers!)