Tuesday, September 25, 2012

doors in the universe

I am  sure I am not the only artist (no matter what medium) that has the problem of a backlog of finished pieces and UFOs that are threatening to take over what work/storage space one has.

Worse, they sit with sorrowful or accusatory smirks of "what were you thinking, witch?" or "you didn't try very hard to find a home for us, sniff sniff"..things along that line.

In the past drastic action was taken...midsize pieces that were made with fat battings went on to become fancy dogbeds and kitty hammocks at the animal shelter.

Several of these were in line, like so many jets on the runway, to be hacked up and re-assembled into grocery totes on the first day that sprouted a 25th or 26th hour.

Instead, these and 20 pounds of their like are on their way to new opportunities in Brooklyn and Bedford, NY.  

If the Fedex truck gets there in time, they will be seeing sunshine and strange public places for the first time in their existence!

How exciting for them!

Now they are off my back and I can go back to arguing with the crayons.


wandamarie.blogspot.com said...

these are ALL so BEAUTIFUL! and YES, i can relate to the unfinished...i've been doing just that, this month, finishing the unfinished and itching to start new! :)

Nancy said...

The colors and feeling of spring in the top one are really fine :)

arlee said...

oh, not that black and white one gone!!!!

Deb Lacativa said...

Yep..old S&M is on it's way to a new audience...who knows? Maybe get sold!
Up in NYC there might be some parties interested in that symbolism

Jeannie said...

Lucky UFOs getting a road trip! I hope they find their forever homes and you get a little green in return.