Sunday, September 16, 2012

happy drudgery

I was in and out of the studio all day yesterday and got a lotta-mucha-nuthin done except to nearly fall into  a coma due to sensory overload.

It looked like a fiber land mine had gone off in here so today is all about really seeing what I have here -sorting, ironing and folding. yuck.

My grandma Nell is whirling in her urn as I've cooked up a little sit-down ironing station because my joints are killing me - I suspect I may have Lyme's..there was a funny looking bite a month ago.

 She spent years as a Professional Laundress - (Dresses a Specialty) and taught me everything even though she never actually let me iron anything but the hankies and napkins. She said that ironing was work that you had to get your back into and so it had to be done standing. Nelly was a tall  and sturdy woman who's genes I am always grateful for and whose quiet dignity and strength always inspired me. She would be tsk-tsking through her false teeth over this weakness of mine but I'd really like to see the bottom of all these baskets sometime today.

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Ms. said...

May the bottom rise to the top before sundown! And, get a blood test for heaven's sake, Lyme can be terribly destructive if not paid attention to. My Massachusetts friend was in recovery for a year, and still monitors herself. Her habit of walking in woods on their land near to naked has been discarded forever sad to say...but necessary.