Sunday, September 09, 2012

September on the burning dyedeck

I got the sleeve stitched on to "Jazz Takes Over" and even found a hanging slat in the closet that was exactly the right size. Two completed and nothing left to do for the third but cut and fit  another sleeve.

Spectacular weather today (although it could have used a few more degrees for dyeing) anything left in the direct sun heated up nicely. I've been commissioned to colorize a set of damask napkins and two tablecloths and hope the grape  I cobbled up stays true after the wash and dry.

More color bound pieces were laid out and all the mason jars stuffed with shreds, sauce and blood of the rainbow. Even the new table padding had fun. I should have used a piece of cloth or even paper with a brayer while this spot was still chemically hot but it's been since hosed away.

A good weekend mostly in the can. The Braves swept the Mets in NY while I spent an hour in the pool, Chef James is making chili and I have the Sunday NY Times to spend the rest of the afternoon with.  I want a cup of coffee.

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Anonymous said...

"sauce and blood of the rainbow" - what a phrase!!!

Sounds like a good Sunday. If the Sunday NY Times weren't so damned pricey, I'd get it too... as it is, I'm not sure I mind the much easier puzzle in The Boston Globe (well, depends on the week... I suck at quotes and theatre trivia).