Friday, September 21, 2012

some good friday news

It was good to just sit with this one in the morning and get all the "definitely" pieces basted into place..there's a pound of pins in it and with the slinky weight of the damask, taking it back and forth between the design wall and the work table is asking for a slash.

I decided against that mutant tangerine lurking under the tea bowl - it was a little too violent. While searching the (recent) stash for other elements, I put together three additional groups that will be up on the wall working it out soon. There will be lots of trials, with as much patience as I can muster to avoid hasty detours. I don't want to spend one minute working on something that has not completely enchanted me.


  1. such BEAUTIFUL colors, such GORGEOUS OUTSTANDING work! :)

  2. thank you wanda..trying to keep that promise to myself not to waste time on MEH

  3. Pure beauty, those two :)
    Great resolution, I subscribe too, not a minute is waisted on something that you completely like. If we could apply that to all things in our lives...


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