Wednesday, September 19, 2012

transition days

The nights have turned chill enough to turn off the fans and window AC unit and sleep is deep ...except for last night.  I found a long misplaced toy yesterday afternoon so I dug the old school I-pod that fits it, charged it up and set it down low when I went to bed in hopes of tuning out the white noise I have been living with. the little girls say. I had forgotten that I had stuffed it with about 400 of my most favorite pieces of music and the music box serenaded me until nearly 3am..until the last notes of Gravity faded and I finally pulled it off my head. Who can sleep when the music is fabulous?. One day, I'll make a list...

.Nothing much going on in the studio. Still folding, fondling and daydreaming.  We put up another hummingbird feeder to cut the rioting in half and the poor remaining flowers are constantly being pummeled by those birds not brave enough to belly up to the plastic bars. They have knocked most of the flowers off the tired grape hyacinths that wrapped up the wind chimes on the upper deck.

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