Tuesday, September 11, 2012

take two

This part of my morning went right....these are snips and pieces from what I thought was the last of my raw materials..the kind of odd scraps that wind up being the heart and soul of a completed work. Later in the day   our friend Tony came by with a bag of damask and huck napkins and small table cloths. I didn't even inspect them but just dumped them into the sauce to poach. Later I'll hang them to dry and take them with me to what's become an annual event..a dye day with Elizabeth Barton.

We get together to use up each other's spring born dyestock, take a look at what ever we have been up to, have lunch and generally enjoy the day. Another annual event is that I get lost driving home from her place..always an adventure on the backroads of Georgia in October.

On the "do-over" side of the slate, I have to reshoot all the entry photos I sweated over yesterday. Why did no one smack me in the head with a cod when I hung a white backdrop to shoot pieces that are 90% white themselves??? I went to bed wracking my brain over where I'd find something appropriately dark and neutral and awoke with the answer. We have a set of sheets that are dark grey..the top sheet almost never used. It's in the dryer right now getting it's wrinkles removed. Back  to the mines....

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Anonymous said...

wandering home on the backroads of Georgia... sounds ok.